BC Purebred Sheep Breeders' Association

East Friesian Dairy Sheep

East Friesian Dairy Sheep are the most productive dairy sheep breed and a crossing breed used to improve lambing percentage and milk production in meat breeds.

*General Appearance:

- polled in both sexes

- clean face, legs and under tail which is naturally crutched

- the distinctive "rat-tail" free of wool

- mature body weight averages between 160 and 200 pounds

- pale or white hooves

- large framed with very lean meat


- quiet temperament (easy to work with)

*Lamb Production

 - prolific - average lambing percentage 230% with weight gains to 100 days (average) - 0.73 lb/day (0.33 kg/day)

*Average milk production

-160 gallons (600 liters)/220-230 day lactation.

- average milk fat - 6% and average total solids - 18%


-white wool of medium texture, 30-37 micron count, 52-54 Bradford count - 12 lb (5.5 kg) wool/ewe/yr



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